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300m Diving Depth
6 Degrees of Freedom
Posture Protection Lock
UHD Camera
Wide Viewing Angle

Autonomous Technology

Our autonomous underwater vehicles have been improved due to the factors such as; cost, time and the things that can endanger human life. With these vehicles, to illustrate; search-and rescue, fish farm cleaning and their controls, underwater pipe and cable laying and their controls, underwater construction and maintenance&repair, underwater specimen handling, environmental investigation, hydroelectric and nuclear power stations, floodgates, examination of levees, underwater mapping and verification, regional underwater filming: you can carry out all these things and also you can perform autonomous or manual operations in various industries.


Eight electirical motor for subsea vehicles, a vehicle developed through a aluminium chassis so as to endure the roughest working conditions, with its durability against corrosions and impacts and its ability to descend to a depth of 300 metres; your effectiveness in underwater world will increase. In all circumstances, Modules that allow the integration of many sensors, apparatus and upgrades for various underwater executions respond to all of your requests with design and interface. While advancing with decisive movements thanks to the innovative engine stabilization, with its user- friendly interface; you can have a command of underwater world. And also you can work precisely, powerfully, and efficiently with unprecented performance.