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Automatic Alignment
Automatic Winding
Rotation Locking System
Different Cable Lengths
Portable and Durable Case

Use in the Field

It is of great importance to use the ROV cable in an organised way in underwater work. At this point, reel systems are a solution that makes your underwater work more organised, safe and efficient. It prevents clutter by winding the cable in an organised way, facilitates the storage process and allows you to have more control in your underwater projects.


ARMAS offers automatic cable alignment and cable storage. Thanks to automatic cable alignment, cables are wound neatly and harmlessly, reducing the workload of operators and increasing productivity. It provides protection against external factors and long service life while facilitating the transport and protection of cables. Provides portability, cables can be transported quickly and easily. Manual and automatic options are available for cable opening and collection operations. In the manual system, the operator manages with hand power, while the automatic system performs cable unwinding and collection operations quickly and precisely with motors. When the cable winding is completed or not in use, the cable winding stops with the automatic braking system, providing a safe and organised cable management.