Areas of Usage

We produce high quality ROV and USV for various usage areas.

Defense industry and public security

Security threats, Mine and explosive detection, Prevent smuggled goods, Periodic maintenance and inspection of submarines and ships

Search and Rescue

Lost search and rescue efforts, Crime Scene Investigation

Oil and Energy

Routine inspections, Periodic maintenance, Emergency and repair operations, Pipe and cable laying

Damage Detection and Repair

Detection of damages to nets, Repair of nets, Detection of pipe damages, Periodic maintenance

Underwater Observation

Observing sea creatures, Exploring underwater caves, Collecting samples underwater, Documentary filming, Retrieve objects

Fish Farms

Fishing nets inspections, Pool cleaning, Stock controls, Fish health analysis, Area security


Move forward with us to the future.

As Anadolu Robotik, we produce remotely operated underwater vehicles to do what was once impossible.

Since 2020, our team of competent engineers has been involved in the development of unmanned underwater and surface vehicles. With the strength we derive from our expertise, we are preparing to open up to the international underwater market.


Robotic and Electronic