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Bright and Clear Screen
Portable and Light
Durable Case
Customisable Control
Ease of Use

Use in the Field

Control Stations are of great importance for ROV control and data monitoring in underwater operations. ARYON Control Stations are a specialised system designed to manage underwater vehicles from land. These stations provide operators with the opportunity to perform underwater tasks effectively. With its structure suitable for use in the field, you can install it in the desired area, view camera and sensor data in detail and precisely direct your ROV.


The control station’s housing provides resistance to impact, water, dust and shock damage and vibration (IP67 Protection Class) during transport and storage. A bright and clear display in harsh light conditions allows operators to easily manage underwater tasks. All controls, including interface, control and station buttons, have been combined to ensure efficient and successful performance of underwater missions. With the ability to add and customise these controls on a task-specific basis, operators can more easily perform precise operations and complete tasks more effectively and efficiently.